Malinovskiy levels the score before half-time! | Atalanta 1-2 Juventus | Top Moment | TIMVISION CUP

Publisert 21. mai. 2021
Atalanta levels through Ruslan Malinovskiy four minutes before half-time | TIMVISION CUP

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  • Земляк)

  • In my opinion Malinowskiy will go to Premier League or La Liga. He has a incredible talent and he can make beautifull thing with ball. Atalanta must make everything to leave Malinowskiy at home.

  • Браво Руслан!!!

  • Normalmente los comentarios son ignorados, pero les deseo que Dios guarde a cada una de nuestras familias de toda esta pandemia que nos tiene asechados...

  • Juventus❤

  • Malinovskiy the best football player on the level at Shevchenko!

  • What a 💣

  • Ruslan Malinovskyi 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • That was a great goal, a screamer to say

  • Малина тооопище, а ювентус как был договорняком так и остался

  • Tapi kalah hahaha 😂🤣🤣

  • Of course juve wins such a farmers league

    • Juve is losing Serie A and you are saying this. Shame on you

  • Даже Буфон не способен взять пушку Малиновского!

  • Серія А розкрила гравця збірної України новими барвами!!!

  • Who else is facing sound lag😂

  • Ayo bantai milan

  • Mafia seri A

  • Se vuoi sapere il significato della parola vittoria ha chiesto di Inter Milan=If you want to know the meaning of the word victory asked about Inter Milan

  • Great goal.

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  • Juventus FC 🆚 Chelsea

  • Малиновський гарний гравець з дуже гарним ударом та у гарній фізичній формі,техніка на рівні серії А 🇺🇦🇮🇹⚽👍

  • Hello friends

  • Look at those idiots not wearing masks properly. Because of these idiots, the whole lot of us can't have nice things.

  • Нафиг его Гасперинни заменил?после его ухода из поля,Аталанта нечего не создала возле ворот Юве

  • mali goat

  • Penalty on Pessina mustve been

    • @Vyiwe Fenu thanks

    • Cry more

    • cry

    • juventus should be banned

    • + Cuadrados tackle after Ata conceded, was true foul, who goes for tackle in front?? Dangerous play - foul. Misjudgement in Juve favor is becoming usual thing even in finals, you cannot fix it, you have to live with that

  • Atalanta please win against milan🙏🙏😌

  • For a juve

  • هدف شيكابالي

  • Ci avevamo creduto tutti 💙🖤

  • Malina💪💪💪

  • Fucek juve fucek cuadrado

  • Malina is best

  • Juveee

  • Ukrainian's Cossack

  • Пушка.

  • So late always

  • Well played Malinovskiy Now beat Milan and help us get to UCL

    • @mohd thahseen if they lose on purpose they will get relegated

    • @Elv Mo talking about the game vs inter? the refereeing was so bad. the penalty won by cuadrado and martinez was undeserved. Martinez dived.. so cuadrado: why not?🤪.. Balanced !

    • @mohd thahseen the should if there would have been something unfair in the Juves win.

    • @Rain KL11 of course not, your are CR7s hater as every useless person.

    • @Ryan's Random Videos yep. I want them to win against milan. but I won't be surprised if there's a date planned b/w them and Atlanta loses to milan.

  • اول

  • Малина топ)


  • Forza Juve

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