Crotone 0-0 Fiorentina | Goalless Draw In Crotone As Season Draws To A Close | Serie A TIM

Publisert 22. mai. 2021
Fiorentina and Crotone ended their seasons in a goalless encounter after both sides struggle to break the deadlock. | Serie A TIM

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  • Кокорин не забьёт, можете даже не сходиться

  • Please, the name of the music after finishing the game

  • Кокорин топ 🤪😂

  • Kokorin is a great football player, a legend of Fiorentina

  • Drago; Igor, Pezze, LMQ; Pol, Amrabat, Pulgar, Lolo; Castro, Jack; Vlahovic.

  • Mathc finish player sing song name what is

  • La viola bapuk bgt..rombak lah timnya

  • .

  • What is this mathc finish music

  • Ounas deserves a global club

  • Adam onas

  • Kokorin top.

  • nah

  • Commisso, that's two awful seasons now. Two seasons of worrying about relegation. Get a grip of your club. We need to be much better next season.

  • Ounas il a donner cinquante caviar ils ont les ont tousss rater mdr

  • Adam ounas❤️❤️

  • Is today's Match going to be live on this channel? Kindle tell. Tq so much 👍🙏

  • Где Кокорин???

  • Кокорин это не миф? Он существует??)))

  • Fiorentina di kandang Allianz std kog ngotot ya..ini dgn crotone mlh draw

  • 3:21 легендарное забегание, теперь можно обратно в лазарет

  • Crotoneman 😍

  • A Crotone game ending 0-0 is like finding a needle in a haystack

  • Кокорин - как всегда топ 💪😁

  • Both teams couldnt score in a brothel 😱

  • تمريرات وناس الحاسمة تحت شعار كول البنان 😂

  • кто знает куда подевался московский дармоед, в основе естественно нет, на любимой лавке отсутствует

  • Looking at this Crotone team,and a person wonders, how come these guys couldn't make it ore?!They have several players, like Ounas, Messiah and of course, Simy, who'll be playing in Serie A in the next season too! At least that's what I believe...

  • I just hope rocco comisso could prove his promise to make fiorentina stronger in serie a after his arrival, prepare next season #Forza Viola from Indonesia

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  • Ounas ❤❤❤👍✌🤲👏🇩🇿

  • Crotone deserved a 4-0 win

  • Great player ounas Wish to see him next year in nice club

  • Not fair draw. Football gods of luck VS Crotone 5-0

  • this fiorentina is clueless

  • Fiorentina this season so bad, forza napoli💙

  • кокорин оживил игру

  • Who is the singer of the end-of-the-game song, anybody? I heard it before, but don't remember the singer. On the side note, Adam Ounas what a player/play-maker!

  • Simy for Ronaldo now!!!

  • Kokorin I believe in u!

  • A fiorentina ta foda

  • If they had played like this from the beginning they would have not relegated now.

  • A very decent side Crotone had displayed in this game despite drawing a 0-0 yet dominating the game. They would not have been relegated had Serse Cosmi taken over way early in the season.

  • Messias - Simy - Ounas ❤

  • Fllingball

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  • I love crotones in my salad

  • Abbiamo un grande onore di vederti, guerriero del Sahara (Algeria). Ti vogliamo bene, 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿 Adam 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿, e speriamo che ti trasferirai in Bundesliga per il Bayern Monaco ... Il tuo livello è ottimo, quindi dove sono i club? telai? Questo è un gioiello magico.

  • Adem ounas do all

  • Adem Ounas Wunderbar just wow

  • Ounas skillful ❤

  • Ounes is great player

  • Кокорин коснулся мяча?

    • @Manucher Mamadvafoev они не смогут его продать , будет дальше играть ..

    • @Ivkis с такими результатами долго не протянет.

    • @Manucher Mamadvafoev вроде 100 минут за пол года )

    • он сколько игр вообще сыграл? играет за фиолетовых так как будто ему фиолетово.

  • Simy went on to go from prime Batistuta to Werner real quick 😂

  • Eatch Ounas Riberi hug

  • Ounass incroyable

  • Ounas top un grand match

  • i like ounas

  • харе Какорина маринавать!

  • харе Какорина маринавать!

  • Nice puns Serie A Social Media manager

  • ounas / just

  • Ounas maradona

  • ounas woooooooooow

  • Кокорин спас эту игру!!!!!

  • So they can beat Juvenuts but not crotone how bad is this fiorentina team

    • Most of the players are already on holiday, after securing their place in Serie A next season

    • They didn't care. Half of the team is leaving (important players) and they managed to stay up before the game.

  • Crotone coach only cares about his job and stats lol like how don’t you play your most talented player Luis Rojas yes his young but come on play him! We already are relegated!

    • @Luca if he plays him but yes bro at least sub him when his in the field he looks different than the others!

    • At least sub him on, but he didnt even do that, at least Rojas can develop in the 2nd division.

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  • il video é sulla pagina principale di youtube ma non sul canale Serie A Che razza di stregoneria é questa?

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